Mi punto de vista

No soy cantante para dedicar canciones, pero esta me vino al pelo para probar mi punto.
A este preciso momento me vienen a la cabeza 3 o 4 personas, incluido, para dedicarla...

Gracias Supertramp! "Little by Little"

Oh I don't know any more
Oh Just don't know any more

Think of what you're saying
I really think you should
You'd better stop complaining
It won't do you any good
You know you should have done the right thing
When you drew your master plan
But little by little
I try to make you understand
Little by little
I try to make you understand

Oh You don't know anymore
You got so far from the shore

You're one in a million
If you could only see
You're less than perfect vision
Can't see the woods before the trees
Gonna shake you till your bell rings
You're like a ship that's lost at sea
But little by little
I'm going to bring you back to me
Little by little
I'm gonna to bring you back to me

You gotta get back home
Cos you got to change your ways
You can't do it all alone
Cos you got too much as stake
So get to it right away

I'm going to set out on a rescue
Until this mission is complete
Oh yes you know I'm gonna get you
I'll make you listen to my plea
You thought the grass was greener
But then it didn't prove to be

2 comentarios:

Luz dijo...

¿a quién se lo decicaste, Alf?

Alfredo dijo...

Hay cosas que no necesitan explicaciones.
Hay momentos que una simple cancion de estas te ayudan a tomar el problema por el cuello y hacerse entender con palabras de otro, dont you think?